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OSG Orange Creamsicle


The Orange Creamsicle, an Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit cross brought to you by MTG Genetics, has a strong orange peel smell, crossed with our Maui Wowie x Berry White monster male.

Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks.
Feminized: No.
Terpenes: 2.5% – 3.5%.
Strain Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant).

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The overpowering sweet and juicy orange odor emanating from this plant has been a favorite of our customers for quite some time. Showing two main phenotypes, our cross has the noticeable added stretch factor to the original genetic growth pattern of the Sativa-dominant Orange Creamsicle. The first, and most dominant phenotype has the signature overpowering orange smell, more evident of the original straingenetic profile, with the dense flowers covered in trichomes, while you can also see an obvious influence from the very frosty Berry White genetic background. Although there is an additional phenotype, this strain has a standardized growth pattern and an attractive flower structure with separated spacing on the stem. The second, a recessive phenotype, has a very fruit forward nose with a more subtle tropical background and a slight orange tinge.

The larger calyx with a lighter green hue are more pronounced here, lending some apparent noticeability to our Maui Wowie x Berry White monster male. You will have heavy yields from this cross, due to its dense and resinous colas. It is a large plant that will require trellising and training for support within the dense flower canopy. Happy trails as the effects of this slightly psychedelic plant come on slowly, giving you time to adjust. The intertwined euphoric and creative high gives way to a relaxing feeling of calm that allows for anyone to take it easy while being productive. I think what we are saying here is “it’s ok to have a bong hit with your coffee in the morning”! The influences of the Maui Wowie only add to the pleasant vibes that are already in line with this amazing high.

Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks

Strain Type: Hybrid

Disclaimer: The contents of this purchase are strictly for novelty and souvenir purposes, to preserve the plant species, or for adult collection purposes only. Old School Ganja™ assumes no liability for any use that does not comply with local, state, federal laws, and regulations.

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